We are not only green by name
And we go further!

Green Tint. We are not only green by name

If you supply a natural product, it surely goes without saying that you should protect that nature as much as possible? That is why we invest heavily in sustainable measures at Green Tint. Measures that save a lot of energy, reduce CO2 emissions or make the plastic mountain a little lower. We are not there yet. However, we are taking one more step towards sustainable business operations every day.

Heat from the ground
By connecting to a geothermal heat source, we have been saving heavily on energy since 2022. From April to October, heating with natural gas is unnecessary.

LED lighting instead of SON-T
LED lamps have replaced the usual SON-T lighting. This is already a substantial saving, which will be further increased by turning on the lighting for fewer hours.

Dehumidifiers maintain humidity levels
Good and stable humidity is essential for anthurium cultivation. Instead of opening the vents or turning up the pipe heating, Green Tint uses dehumidifiers. These devices remove moist air from the greenhouse space and blow dry air into the greenhouse.

Solar panels cover part of electricity consumption
There are more than 400 solar panels on the roof of our business location. This is more than enough to meet half of our own electricity consumption: the power needed for daily business operations, excluding that for lighting.

Less plastic, more paper
Transparent plastic best expresses the allure of the anthurium. However, in consultation with packaging suppliers, we seek an optimal balance between luxury and sustainability. One option is to have several packaging lines coexist. We have already switched to cardboard boxes instead of plastic trays for smaller pot sizes.

Potting soil: less peat, more coconut coir
Growing media are another opportunity to preserve the environment by preventing the clearing of peatlands. Growing in mixtures with coconut coir is proving to be an excellent alternative for anthurium cultivation.

Fighting pests organically where possible
In Green Tint's greenhouses, hardly any chemicals are needed for the anthurium to grow and flower. Organic methods are sufficient to control diseases and pests effectively. We are also critical about the selection of varieties. Disease-prone varieties have had to be removed from the field in the past.

Electric cars
Cars for business use no longer run on petrol, but on electricity.

We are also socially sustainable
Part of the production our packaging labels is outsourced to a sheltered workshop. This allows us to offer people with poor job prospects a meaningful daytime activity.

groene tint and sustainability


Sustainability is a race that never finishes. There are always new opportunities. We have been an enthusiastic participant in MPS certification since the mid-1990s. We would like to take follow-up steps in close cooperation with the MPS. Using the HortiFootprint calculator, we are mapping out our environmental impact in various subareas of business operations. On the basis of the results, new measures will follow. After all, Green Tint is a company that likes to live up to its name.

We never stop seeking perfection. We can always do better!