The perfect care, it’s easier than you think
With a little care you can enjoy perfection for years

Only the anthurium is this easy to care for and flowers for so long

Though anthuriums look very exotic, with a little extra TLC, you can enjoy them for years. The plant actually requires very little to thrive. If you succeed in keeping it happy, it will bloom abundantly for years to come. The flowering period is also very lengthy. Did you know that the anthurium has the longest blooming flowers of all the houseplants? They bloom for up to three months!

Detailed care instructions

  • Keep your anthurium at a temperature of between 18 and 22 degrees. Temperatures cooler than 15 degrees will harm the plant.
  • Place your anthurium in a well-lit position but not in direct sun. If your plant is in too shady a position, it will produce fewer flowers.
  • Anthuriums do not like draughts. Avoid placing your anthurium near a radiator.
  • In summer, water once a week. In winter, water every fortnight with room temperature water. The plant will let you know when it needs more water.
  • The soil should stay moist and should never dry out completely. If the soil is brown, you’re doing well. If the soil is black, water your plant less often.
  • You can use a mister, if you like.
  • Remove yellow leaves and spent flowers.
In the nine months that an anthurium is taken care of by us, it wants for nothing.