Our own brands – we even have perfect gifts
Perfection is what holds our collection together

A collection that is always perfect

At Groene Tint, you always find what you’re looking for. The superb quality puts it in the premium segment for florists and garden centres that are looking for only the very best for their customers. However, the range also makes the tropical beauty of the anthurium accessible for retailers. If you want an anthurium with all the trimmings, so to speak, we can accommodate you with plants that stand out in shops and garden centres due to the extra accessories.

Delivery information

  • Available pot sizes: 7, 9, 12 and 14 cm
  • Also in ceramic pots of 8, 10, 13 and 15 cm
  • All anthuriums are delivered in trays
  • Mixed trays can be supplied

The Gift

Even an exclusive houseplant like the anthurium can benefit from attractive presentation. For example, a plant that comes with a decorative, ceramic pot, an anthurium that is enhanced with transparent glass, or the addition of small accessories that reflect the season. Introducing: Give Perfection.

Big Flowers

Every anthurium that leaves our company is perfect in quality. Therefore, Just Perfection encompasses all the varieties we grow. These varieties come in various pot sizes and colours, but always possess the recognisable high quality of Groene Tint: abundant blooms and decorative foliage on strong stems.

Perfect Colour

There’s perfection and then there’s perfection. The very highest class of perfection is that of Red Turenza. This houseplant is a masterpiece of mother nature: fresh dark-green foliage that makes a striking contrast with the flower in the deepest red there is. Turenza has been a mainstay of the Groene Tint collection for ten years.

Green Presents

Want to give an anthurium as a gift? What a great idea! MoreLIPS is a range that is supplied especially for the gift market. It’s a gift within a gift, essentially, with accessories that emphasise the exclusivity of the anthurium.

highlights from our collection of perfection
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